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Mt Bernard geological walks
Two walks have been held in late 2021, and more are planned in the district.
Organised by Avenel Nature Conservation Group.

Community lecture: Geology of the Swanpool District
The Swanpool Community talk was held in May 2022.

Gold deposits in metamorphic and igneous environments
A component of the Structural Geology and Resources 2022 Symposium
> Friday 21st October 2022 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

  • This short course is designed to complement the structural expertise and practices required to successfully explore and mine gold deposits in metamorphic terrains. Metamorphic and igneous mineral assemblages and their alteration influence the rheological contrasts, tensile strengths, structural complexities, and fluid pathways that are so important in the formation of gold deposits. Examples will focus on gold-only deposits in greenschist facies (e.g., Kalgoorlie, Fosterville, Yandal gold province and several other goldfield), and the Big Bell / Hemlo-type gold deposits and the skills that might be valuable searching for analogues of Plutonic, Tropicana and Southern Cross goldfields in higher metamorphic grade domains. The beauty of working in these gold deposits is that you can become an expert in the core shed and underground by mastering a dozen minerals and a few structural and metamorphic concepts. The course will mix basic principles and some recent ideas. There will be case histories highlighting the roles of improved geological understanding in some classic exploration success stories.
    This is suitable for geologists working in gold provinces.
  • PRESENTER: Professor Neil Phillips

W1-How gold deposits form
Part of the 125th Geocongress 2023 in Stellenbosch, South Africa
> Tuesday 10th January 2023
[email protected]

  • This is a one-day workshop primarily for geologists interested in gold. The philosophy of the workshop, and indeed throughout the presenter’s career, is that improved geology is strongly correlated with improved exploration and mining outcomes. Five characteristics of gold deposits globally form the basis of a high-level subdivision into gold-only and gold-plus deposits. An examination follows of magmatic and hydrothermal processes that may lead to gold deposit formation. Case histories drawn from the Yilgarn Craton (with 170 Moz Au discovered since 1980) highlight what might be possible and the link between discovery and gold geology.
    Overall, the workshop is appropriate for Honours, postgraduates, industry and government geologists.
  • Workshop 1 only: R3000 GSSA Member/ R3300 non-member/ R1500 full-time geoscience student
  • PRESENTER: Professor Neil Phillips

W2-Application of gold geology to exploration: South African focus
Part of the 125th Geocongress 2023 in Stellenbosch, South Africa
> Saturday 14th January 2023  
[email protected]

  • This one-day workshop for geologists applies the learnings from the preceding How gold deposits form workshop to exploration especially in southern Africa. The emphasis of this workshop is on the use of gold geology and discovery case histories to evaluate the prospectivity of greenstone belts and sedimentary successions, and to then gain the confidence to acquire ground, raise funds, and execute successful exploration. By considering some very recent discoveries, we will ask what these might look like in South Africa, e.g. the Fosterville goldfield in the Paleozoic metasedimentary succession of Victoria (over 0.5 Moz per year above 30 g/t Au), and the Hemi discovery in the Mallina metasedimentary and igneous rocks of the Pilbara Craton (9 Moz). The Witwatersrand goldfields are discussed in the context of global gold geology and newer research highlighting some techniques to find extensions and especially repeats of the Wits.
  • Workshop 2 only R4800 / R5300 / R2400 [the general gold geology of workshop 1 is assumed]
  • Workshops 1+2 for a single person attending both: R4800 GSSA Member/ R5300 non-member/ R2400 full-time geoscience student.
  • PRESENTER: Professor Neil Phillips

29th Geology of Gold short course
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne
13-17 March 2023
Details coming soon