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2019 Geology of Gold short course

25th Melbourne Geology of GOLD course
11-15 March 2019
School of Earth Sciences, University of Melbourne

Yilgarn Retrospectives conference, Perth WA 30-31 March 2015 (Research and gold discoveries)

Strathbogie granite field day, Swanpool 23 November 2014

Strathbogie granite community talk, Gooram 16 February 2015

Strathbogie granite, community talk Creighton Creek 5 August 2014

Gold14@Kalgoorlie Sep14
A major international gold conference
29-30 September 2014
Kalgoorlie, Western Asutralia
Details: Australian Institute of Geoscientists

Formation of gold deposits: 1-day workshop 28 Sept 2013 Brisbane
This short course is designed for exploration and mining geologists. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the principles of how gold-bearing fluids are produced, then migrate and finally form gold deposits. This approach leads to understanding the various roles of rock types, structures, alteration, and overprinting by high grade metamorphism and/or regolith processes.

Learning from the short course is applicable to all gold-dominated systems (‘gold-only’), and some contrasts are made with gold systems rich in base metals. There is a mix of the conventional and some newer ideas on the world’s major gold provinces, giving participants a platform from which to introduce some innovations to their Company’s exploration. Discussions and examples will concentrate on:

  • Archaean greenstone gold
  • Slate belt gold
  • Big Bell / Hemlo types [once dismissed as anomalous, now too important to ignore]
  • Discovery of gold in Australia – track record, case histories, some of the factors that make a difference.

AusIMM Distinguished Lecture: Australian and global setting for gold in 2013
Lecture at World Gold Conference 26th September 2013 in Brisbane

AusIMM Distinguished Lecture: Wollongong 17th May 2013
Title: Formation of gold provinces    Speaker: Neil Phillips
University of Wollongong, 1230pm Building 41, Room 153.

AusIMM Distinguished Lecture: Sydney 16th May 2013
Title: Exploration for gold: the different consequences of multiple discoveries or lack of success
Speaker: Neil Phillips
5.15 for 5.45pm 1 Gresham St SY. AusIMM Sydney Branch

Sediment-hosted orogenic gold deposits and their exploration, Townsville 1-2 June 2013 Large & Phillips
This is a two-day short course prior to the Futores conference in Townsville, north Queensland, Australia.

We aim to make available the very best course notes when possible, i.e. relevant material from peer-reviewed journals.
We aim to keep the presentations interesting with only a few words per slide.
We find these two do not mix.
We do not pretend that a presentation will substitute for notes, nor do we read verbatim from papers during presentations.

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