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Addressing the origin of gold deposits

Formation of Gold Deposits

420pp hardback,
published by Springer,
June 2022

After completion of the final proof of Formation of Gold Deposits, the author noted an error in his emphasis of the two oxidation states of gold, namely Au1+ and Au3+.
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Formation of Gold Deposits

420pp hardback and e-version, published by Springer, June 2022.

This book addresses the origin of gold deposits to answer questions of science and curiosity.

These answers contribute in turn to the improved exploration and mining of gold. Initially there is a summary of the methods used to address the genesis of gold deposits including some of the essential science and concepts.

Five basic observations follow that apply to many gold deposits and need to be considered in any genetic ideas. Magmatic processes enriching gold are discussed followed by the role of aqueous fluids during gold deposit formation at elevated temperatures and pressures. Modifying effects after deposit formation include high-grade metamorphism, retrogression, weathering, and erosion.

The main types of gold deposits are then explained within the spectrum of viable genetic ideas, with informal names for these examples that include gold-only, gold-plus, Carlin, slate-belt, epithermal, porphyry, iron oxide copper gold, and Archean greenstone.

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